Monday 24 June 2013
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Toronto AngularJS Meetup & Windows Azure

Monday 24 June 2013 14:03
Last week, I attended the inaugural Toronto AngularJS Meetup and learned a few things: Nick Van Weerdenburg from showed us the 5 D’s; the guys from Uken Games showed some tricks about lazy model fetching; Max Kremer of, leveraging from his rich J2EE experience, showed us why AngularJS is MVC; and Matias Niemelä from the AngularJS team gave us some cool demos on ngAnimate. All in all, a very informative session. Also, thanks to the fact of Polar Mobile hosting the event this time around, I stumbled upon this great video in which CEO Kunal Gupta and other startup CEOs shared their secrets of success: Discovery 12: The Secrets Of Business Success: CEO Experts Panel.
Also last week, Kadople signed up to Windows Azure as we began to experiment with using Azure’s host of services for our backend. This will be interesting. Stay tuned.


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